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   Hallo, we greet you from the Homepage of the Franciscans from Katowice (Poland), which is created by young Franciscans for young people and those who still feel young.
   The aim of our page is providing the information about the life and spirituality of St Francis & Clare of Assisi.
   It also enables you to accompany young people on their way of faith in our Franciscan centre for the young people "Trzej Towarzysze" (Three Comrades/Companions) in Chorzów.
   If you would like to then visit us again, we would be happy about your visit.
   Our Homepage shows the activities of our centre for the young people. You will find there reports, a lot of photos and proposals from our retreats, days of concentration and the days spent together.
   You have the possibility to learn more about St Francis and everything that belongs to Franciscan life.

   Our links: • our centre "Trzej Towarzysze" in Chorzów • Francis & Clare • Franciscan life • our three stages of formation: postulantship, noviciate, juniorate • our seminary in Katowice • Franciscan community • the nuns of the Order of St Clare • Franciscan saints for every day • testimonies of the calling for the Order of St Francis • Franciscan prayers • news • chronicle • days of spiritual retreats, being together (poster downloads) You can see the photos from our centre in Chorzów but also from all the places where we have spent time with our youth and which have something to do with Franciscan Orders.
   The shop is also at your disposal. Here you can order our song-book "Biedaczyna", the notebook about the cross from San Damiano and the stickers from our centre "Trzej Towarzysze" (these are for free!).
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   Franciszkańskie Centrum Młodzieżowo-Powołaniowe
   ul. Franciszkańska 1
   41-506 Chorzów

   Telephone: 0048-32 247 38 70

   Your Franciscans

   The Franciscans from the Province of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Poland

   (Translated by: Ewa Turzańska)

   A prayer of entrust the Order to the Most Holy Virgin, the Immaculate Conception, patroness of our Order In the spirit of the Poverello of Assisi, who came to this holy place 800 years ago to ask for "wisdom and discernment", so do we, Friars Minor of the third Millenium, ask the intercession of Mary on our way towards the "graces of the origins" so that our Order may continue to open up paths toward the future.
   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, we entrust the entire Order of the Friars Minor, followers of Francis. Welcome us into your motherly heart, so that we may persevere in the Franciscan vocation and always grow in the "spirit of the Lord and his holy operation".

   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, we address our prayer for all of our missionary brothers, so that with the strength of the Franciscan martyrs, they may announce the good news of salvation to the whole world.

   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, we commend our old and sick brothers. Embrace them and give them the courage to imitate the crucified Christ.

   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, we commend our brothers who have preceded us to the house of the Father. We thank you for their example of Franciscan life and their commitment to construct the Kingdom of God.

   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, we present our infidelities in the hour of living "according to the Gospel" and we ask you the necessary strength to continue to be faithful to the "form of life" transmitted to us by "the infinitely small man".

   To you Mary, Mother of Jesus and of us all, to your intercession and protection we entrust ourselves so that we be aware that the responsibility of being a Friar Minor needs your motherly presence.

   Help us to be modest and peaceful
   Messengers of justice and love,
   Daring interpreters of the signs of the times
   New and happy men
   Authentic witnesses of the Gospel
   Open to modern man.
   To you Mary, Immaculate Virgin, we offer these roses, sign of our love and of our fidelity towards you placing in your hands the future of our charism. Amen
   Sergiusz M. Bałdyga OFM

   28 maja
   św. Maria Anna od Jezusa Paredes y Flores
   dziewica z III Zakonu (1618-1645)

   Urodziła się 31 X 1618 roku w Quito w Ekwadorze. Szybko została osierocona. Jej wychowaniem zajęła się starsza siostra. Rodzina chciała, aby wstąpiła do klasztoru Franciszkanek, ale ona wybrała szeregi III Zakonu św. Franciszka. Wiodła życie w skupieniu na osobności, oddawała się kontemplacji i umartwieniu. Zmarła 26 V 1645 roku.
   Papież Pius XII kanonizował ją 9 VII 1950 roku.
   Boże, Ty sprawiłeś, że św. Maria Anna od Jezusa mimo pokus tego świata przez dziewiczą czystość i nieustanną pokutę zakwitła jak lilia pośród cierni, spraw przez jej zasługi i wstawiennictwo, abyśmy zerwali z grzechem i gorliwie dążyli do doskonałości. Przez Chrystusa, Pana naszego. Amen.
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